Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Giveaways!

I really did plan on writing a post about something other than giveaways today. What happened, you wonder? Well, I didn't go to sleep until about five or six this morning, and then I had to get up at eleven for my medication. Normally I'd just go back to sleep for a little while, but I had the cleaning ladies coming to my apartment today, so what did I do? I got up and cleaned!! LOL!!
First of all, for those of you that don't already know, I have a chronic pain condition. Actually, I now have two chronic pain conditions, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy {RSD}and more recently, Fibromyalgia. Due to the severity of the RSD I'm unable to do some of the typical household chores, such as my bathtub, which is why I have cleaning ladies in the first place...not because I'm some kind of prima donna who can't clean a tiny apartment by myself.
The cleaning ladies have been coming for about a year-and-a-half now, but I still feel awkward when they're here. I mean, I don't look like there is anything wrong with me on the outside so when I'm just sitting on my butt while they're cleaning around me, I feel like a Paris Hilton type of person...which I'm so not! My apartment is only 600 sq. ft. so it's not like I can really hide out anywhere while they clean either.
Actually, they are really nice, and they all know about my condition and why I'm not doing my own cleaning, despite looking young and healthy. See, just goes to show how looks can be deceiving.
So, why do I clean before the cleaning ladies come? Well, I'm not actually cleaning, as I generally keep my apartment clean anyway. What I'm actually doing is straightening out all the clutter so that they can get a vaccuum around. Even though I've lived here for about two-and-a-half years now, I'm still trying to unpack and find places for everything!! Therefore, whenever the cleaning ladies come, I have to pick up everything that's still on the floor and put it on my bed or kitchen table until it all eventually finds a permanent home.
Anyway, by the time they left it was about two in the afternoon. I checked some email and did a few little chores, and then it was time to lay down for awhile. My awhile turned into a three-and-a-half hour nap!! You know when you sleep too long in the daytime when taking a nap, and you wake up all groggy? Well, that's how I was feeling. So, after watching Private Practice, and checking more email, I was too tired to finish the post that I started for today.
So, that was my day...not too interesting. And now for some giveaways!

1. The Lethally Blonde Diary
Giveaway for a set of Very Merry Fabkins
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2. A Cowboy's Wife
Giveaway for a $25 American Express Gift Card
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3. dkMommy Spot
Giveaway for a box of Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal
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4. An Island Review
Giveaway for a $25 Gift Card to Target and two cans of Pledge
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5. An Island Review
Giveaway for $25 via PayPal for
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Hope you all have a great Thursday!! One more week until Thanksgiving!! Until next time...

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